Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Lines of Communication as Voice Recognition Gets Better

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Although we live in a time that is especially financially challenging for people with disabilities it is still an exciting time to be disabled. Now, I realize how that sounds and it is certainly not something I would wish on anyone but if you are human and growing older challenges are inevitable. So we all can celebrate the evolution of technology that is opening new doors to people with disabilities.
One awesome technology that is getting more sophisticated is voice recognition software. I have just written a blog on the new 3G iPhone that was just released this month and one of the features that the iPhone has is a voice recognition software program. The touch screen technology can be a challenge for some users who have difficulty with hand control and voice recognition can be a helpful alternative. I myself have not had the pleasure of experiencing the 3G first hand so I cannot speak on its accuracy but I have heard wonderful things about this feature.

While Windows Vista comes with voice recognition that can potentially operate navigation on your computer and dictate. As a writer with double jointed fingers and spastic muscles I was particularly attracted to dictation and the potential of cutting my blogging time in half; but like all things Vista it has left a lot to be desired. I have been working with Vista’s program for a few days now and I can say the more I use it the better it behaves so training is an important part of the set up. I still have my doubts that I will ever be able to use it for everything but I have discovered that my relationship with Vista has evolved beyond my at first, cynical expectations.

I know money is tight for everyone and it is especially so for people with disabilities and upgrading to Vista may be costly so I recommend experimenting with Tazti (tasty) which is a free program that helps with navigation of your computer. Even though it does not have dictation capabilities I was extremely impressed with its functionality and user friendly navigation. It is totally free of adware and annoying emails. I encourage you to try it out.

For those of you that have Vista don’t give up. It is a little temperamental but I have been persistently working at it and training it to my voice and it is getting better. Of the two programs Vista offers so much more potential though it may take some time to get to it and then again there is always Windows 2007. = )

Have you had experience with either of these programs and want to share your experience? Leave a comment. I will look forward to hearing from you.