Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beyond the Silver Lining

Beyond the Silver Lining by Etha Walters

I took this photo while sitting on the patio of my new apartment. The blue sky and big fluffy clouds greeted me with such promise for a fresh new start. When my husband told me a year ago that he wanted a divorce, I had no idea how much my life would change. The last six months have been the most devastating. I sold everything that I could to move including much of my photography equipment, and literally felt stripped of everything. This heavenly view, right off my patio gives me great hope in what is to come.

It is just me and Miss Cleo (My cat) now, and I am adjusting quite well to my new environment, and yes, living alone. Moving furniture and boxes around with my body and my wheelchair reminds me that I am still strong and I can still do this. Other challenges take a little more practice and commitment, but that is just life in a wheelchair.

Now that I am settled, it is time to rebuild my life. The kids are gone and I am now single and can go anywhere and do anything. So profound. My plans are to throw myself into my art and just absorbing my new environment for a while and enjoying the people in my life.

I still have my trusty Nikon D70 and so a new chapter is opened...