Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking the Physical Challenge

Over Christmas the disabled community lost two of it's members by the taking of their own lives. One had been suffering greatly with AIDS and the other was crushed by chronic pain and financial pressures. When I learned of this my blood ran cold and the horrific idea that more was to come during this economic crisis flooded my thoughts.

My own experience is not exempt from the hardships that these men face. There are many things that I need that I don't have the resources or the money for. I am still amazed at how many people assume that a disability paves the way to an easy life, that the government takes care of the bills and medical needs. While there is awesome help there are also many strings and many road blocks that a disabled person has to overcome to gain financial Independence and stability. When it is gained it is very fragile, it only takes one bout of sickness, an injury or mechanical failure to rip it away.

I didn't bring you to this dark place to talk about the doom and gloom of giving up. I brought you here because the suicide of these two men set off alarms that health care reform is important to all of us but even more importantly than that we are in need of inspiration to keep up the fight and to allow our resilience to strengthen.

I have been disabled since I was 10 months old and I don't know what it is like to be any other way. So when someone who was once abled-bodied becomes paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, grabs his new disability by the horns and takes the physical challenge I am impressed. Below is a video of this gorgeous man and he is only one of many who can accomplish great things if given the right tools. The resources to gain these tools are so vital.