Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Wheelchair View: Life Beyond Death

A Wheelchair View: Life Beyond Death

Life Beyond Death

One of my favorite things as a kid was to get on my bike (I had a big three wheeler) and ride with my younger brother down the long driveway of our farm in a little town called Miltonville, and go to the Miltonville Cemetery across the street.

We enjoyed reading all the stones as if they were part of a giant history book and made it a point to stop by the old well that rested in the center of the place. Despite knowing where we were, we grew up believing that there was something that came after death. We were fascinated with the thoughts of ghosts like most children are, but our faith was in an afterlife and for me I enjoyed going because of the spirits that still lingered like the birds, squirrels, rabbits, the trees and the wind. Even the statues and the stonework seem to have spirits of their own.

The photo of the "Twisted Tree," was taken at Greenwood Cemetery in Hamilton, Ohio and serves as an example of some of the wondrous things you can find within the gates. I find myself still carrying those feelings I had as a kid. Losing loved ones is never easy and cemeteries are often viewed as places of sorrow but even though I have grieved over loss, I still feel a great deal of peace as I look at the history captured with each stone, each flower and each tree.

I am planning to go back and visit Miltonville Cemetery soon, I am almost afraid of what I will find there because it was so old but we will see. I have decided to make a tour of it, visiting different cemeteries. Soon I will put up my series on cemeteries on my website so be looking for that.

Do you know of some places I should visit?
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