Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Wheelchair View - Changes

Pointing out the Way I have been neglecting this blog a lot lately and to my readers, I am very sorry. My mind and my life has shifted into career mode concentrating on my photography.

Photography is a risky field to get into, even more so for a physically challenged woman in a wheelchair. I am not saying that to lead into any sort of pity trip, that's not my style. I am however, pointing out some pretty obvious challenges that there are to being a photographer in a wheelchair. For example, high and low shots have to be approached somewhat more creatively than someone who can climb a latter, or lay down on the floor. It doesn't mean that I can't get the shots that I want, it just requires a bit more of a journey to get there.

I have grown to look at challenges as adventures, sometimes things work out as planned, sometimes they are a bloody nightmare. Sometimes I get the shot that I am working for and sometimes, more often than not, it comes out better. The point is even when I fail I wheel away from the experience with something positive... always!

But photography isn't something I could do if I didn't love it. Regardless of your physical capabilities photography is a career that takes resilience and determination. It takes business knowledge as well as knowing your camera and making an image work. Photography has taught me not only to see the world as it is, but also to see it as it could be. I can't imagine doing anything else.

One of the other biggest challenges I have faced is getting people to take me seriously. It is an age old stereo type that is still alive and well and just part of life as a challenged person. I don't worry about it too much because I know eventually my work will speak for itself. Also, I have also come to know that everyone of us have stereotypes to overcome whether their black, white, old, young, Christian, Pagan, or Democrat or Republican; at the end of the day they don't amount to a hill of beans if you don't let it.

So now that my career is in focus and I am shifting the dynamics of this blog to my experience looking through a lens and how the world reacts and life with challenges in general, I am hoping that those of you who are reading stick around and even more so, find something here worthwhile to stick around for.