Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business Traveling for People with Disabilities

When it comes to employment there are many issues that people with disabilities have to take into consideration. Accessibility is one of the biggest concerns. Airports today are very disabled friendly with gate to gate service and accessible transit service in most cities. Hotels have also made accommodations by wheelchair accessible rooms complete with roll in showers and shower chairs.

But what about lugging all your technical things around? Projectors, computers and getting set up in time for a big presentation can be a big concern. Well… I have an answer for that too! Travel Techs! Your travel tech will take all the equipment and software needed to your presentation destination and have everything set up and in working order by the time you get there. All you will have to do is look over your notes.

So working and traveling with a disability is not only possible it can be virtually stress free with a little bit of advanced planning, good communications and the right services lined up.

Here is more information on Travel Techs.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Packing and Moving in a Wheelchair

For those of you who don't know, I am disabled due to head trauma at 10 months old. My disability has simular traits to cerebral palsy. I have occasional mild muscle spasms. My right hand has limited use due to tightness that draws it up a bit. I also have limited motion in my legs. My condition is not progressive though, as I age my challenges will become grater but it all depends on how well I take care of myself, just like anyone else. I give you this background to help you understand the process of my packing to move into my new house.

I use a scooter...

I prefer a scooter instead of the traditional type wheelchair....

Because when you sit back in a traditional wheelchair and put your feet up on the foot rests you have very limited motion. I'm not talking about the wheelchairs like the para's use to jump stairs and do tricks on skateboard ramps. I am talking about an electric wheelchair like this one. Do to the lack of proper control in my right hand I can not use a manual wheelchair. Anyway, with a scooter I can stand up and sit down with grater ease. I can twist my seat and pick things up off the floor. When I go to the grocery I drag my grocery cart behind me, much like a choo choo train. I move furniture around by pulling my scooter up to it and push it or I stand up and move the furniture a few inches, sit down move my scooter closer and repeat the process.

Moving with a wheelchair is a looooooooooooonnnnnng process but I do it and I really really love my husband because he lets me do it. Our first date consisted of him helping me move into my apartment in Hamilton. I had just got out of my car and popped the trunk when he pulled up. He caught up with me at the back of my car and instead of taking over my move he handed me a box before he took one of his own. I knew right in that moment he was the one. OK OK it was a combination between that, the cowboy hat he was wearing and the strawberry milkshakes he used to bring me. Every once in a while he still brings me one. Anyway, my point is People naturally want to do everything for me. I don't get offended because it is natural to want to help someone who is struggling. My family and my close friends know if I need help I will ask for it. They also know I wont ask for it unless I have made absolutely sure that I cannot. Call it my idea of extreme sports if you like, but when I go to bed at night with sore muscles and blisters on my hands I feel good... real good.