Sunday, October 19, 2008

Business Traveling for People with Disabilities

When it comes to employment there are many issues that people with disabilities have to take into consideration. Accessibility is one of the biggest concerns. Airports today are very disabled friendly with gate to gate service and accessible transit service in most cities. Hotels have also made accommodations by wheelchair accessible rooms complete with roll in showers and shower chairs.

But what about lugging all your technical things around? Projectors, computers and getting set up in time for a big presentation can be a big concern. Well… I have an answer for that too! Travel Techs! Your travel tech will take all the equipment and software needed to your presentation destination and have everything set up and in working order by the time you get there. All you will have to do is look over your notes.

So working and traveling with a disability is not only possible it can be virtually stress free with a little bit of advanced planning, good communications and the right services lined up.

Here is more information on Travel Techs.

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