Monday, September 22, 2008

...And so it starts

Hi, I am Etha, and this is my blog. I know that there are lots of blogs out there to read but I am glad that you took the time to stop by mine. So, let's see... about me... I am a physically challenged mom and photographer. I work as a web writer and I just finished my AA in Fine Art.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Piece of news, I am buying a house :) It is on land contract and I am still amazed at how this opportunity came around but this house is modified for a disability. It has widened doors, big rooms, an awesome kitchen and no stairs or steps of any kind. It also has a two car garage that will keep my husband entertained for hours... What more could a woman want? I will post pictures soon. We aren't able to move in till October 19th so it will be a bit. Oh well plenty of time to pack right? 26 days and counting....