Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insomnia Turns Mild Mannered Woman into Lover of Fighters of Foo!

Ok, ok, so I have always loved the Foo Fighters but it is true that my lack of melatonin bliss has made me a little quirky or at least more so than usual.

I have tried warm milk which just gave me indigestion, sleeping pills that knock me out for exactly 2 hours and I am back up again. I have tried journaling. I have even tried staying up all night well into the next day in the hopes that delirium will knock my insomniatic behind out for about six hours.

Ok, I confess I sleep just fine during the day…there I have said it. I have turned into a Vampire! I am sure it will work itself out. Winter always kinda gives me the blahs anyway...I am a summer girl through and through(must be the leo sun sign thing ;).

Maybe my body is still celebrating the freedom of school and having to be somewhere at a certain time or the fact that we are in a new house, but at least I am still productive. Since my laptop is down and we only have one computer and my daughter is home schooled, she gets on the computer during the day for school and I go to work at night (I work from home) It makes it kind of hard when you have to call people but it is only till I either get the laptop fixed or I get a new one, which ever comes first…LOL or maybe I should just rent one ;)

I am also getting my house together, drawing, writing and even shooting a couple of people (with my camera of course). I really miss all my friends at school and being in class though. I am a social creature despite being a Fighters of Foo loving vampire. Maybe it is time to FINALLY set up that party I have been wanting to have.

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