Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I love to Hate Computers

laptop and coffeeI can't help it. I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is flip on the computer. As Ralph (my husband’s evil emachine) boots up I go in the kitchen and make me a cup of caffeine, sometimes coffee but most of the time it is tea (I like to pretend it is better for me) Then I race back to check my email and see what exciting things I have missed since I shut Ralph down the night before. I’ll admit it I have joined the culture of computerized socialization, diving into newsgroups and social networking sites and email and Googling every subject that ever crossed my curiosity.

Lately, my ritual has been disturbed by a worm that reeked havoc on my WinBook (Tabitha) from my daughter cruising myspace graphic sites while she is supposed to be working in her virtual classroom as she is home schooled. As Tabitha was crashing I hurriedly worked to retrieve as many documents and pictures as I could and transferred them to Ralph. I of course also transferred the virus. So Ralph crashed too. Luckily I keep everything backed up on Lacey (my external hard drive.) After a series of reformatting and calling for help and reformatting again I finally performed an F disc and managed to get Ralph back on track.

Tabitha was not so lucky, something happened during the F Disc and I could not get her to accept windows. Needless to say I accepted my rank as “Private” in the Tech Army and took it Tabitha to a higher ranked Tech for help. Maybe I should stick with photography, graphics and Googling. Anyway, I am informed that Tabitha is back in action and meanwhile Ralph is having conflicts with the new Yahoo Messenger, Chrome and Itunes I suspect either my video card or my processor (sigh)

The good news is we filed taxes today and new computers are in the plans. I am long over due for an upgrade that can handle today’s graphic programs like the Adobe CS3 suite that I have been pining for. By the end of the month I shall have a new computer to name that will be dedicated to my morning ritual and working.


Jesilyn Tolson "Daugherty" said...

I'll take Tabby hunny... *grins* Of course I have even worse luck than you. I ran over the Dell laptop(with a car), lost the power supply in the GQ laptop, blew up the BIG brain, and neglected the keychain brain til someone else broke it... then the desktop dell went down (vid card)... and the AOL PC is about to blow too.... I'm down to the last one... heaven forbid anything happens to it. With 3 homeschool kids and my own University courses and web addiction... I would be LOST! (Maybe I'd have better luck if I named them.... what do you think?) *GRINS*

Etha W said...

Thats it! Thats what you are doing wrong! If you need help naming them ...call me ;)