Friday, March 13, 2009

I’m Sorry Isn’t the Hardest Thing to Say

Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, regression and retaliation the foundation of such a method is love – Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the hardest things to say, is I forgive you. When someone important to us wrongs us and hurts us deeply it is much easier to hold on to anger. Anger gives us strength, it gives us the illusion that we are in control of ourselves and nothing can touch us again, hurt us again and we begin to feel that we will never hurt again.

In most religions, at least, the constructive ones, we learn that anger is like your first experience with cocaine. It gives a feeling of invincibleness and strength and it empowers; but as we continue to "use" it and breathe it in, it becoms an addiction and to embed itself within our being. It begins breaking down what is good in us and begins destroying our relationships with other people and within ourselves.

This is something I learned from my experience years ago when someone I loved was hurting me. I know what it is like sitting in waiting for the opportunity to get my revenge. I also know what it is like to take that revenge out on myself as if I deserved more pain for allowing it to happen.

I forgive you

It is the place where the heart begins to beat again and where new dreams are born. It is the place where you let back in the people who love you and say goodbye to those toxic people who have to figure it out for themselves. The important thing is to set yourself free from a drug that not only has the power to destroy the beautiful person you are but the family and friends who love you.

I write this with survivors in mind and a friend who is lost in the proverbial "drug," but it applies to anyone

Brightest of Blessings My Friends

Love Etha


JudiElise said...

Thank you for this post.

I had learned this lesson, but recently fell off the wagon.

I forgive you does make you vulnerable to being hurt again, but it also makes you human and open to all the possibilities of life, the good and the bad. There really isn't any other way to live. The alternative is not really living at all.

Really enjoyed this. Thanks again.

Jesilyn Tolson "Daugherty" said...

Forgiveness is a hard lesson in life, one that many put off until it is too late and they are consumed. Thankfully before my mother passed, she was able to leave such doctorine behind for myself and others to learn from. Maybe that has been one of the strongest keys to my survival. After all, true forgiveness allows the soul to feel free from the chains that contained it for way too long.