Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fixing the UnBroken

I started the Dr. Oz's Reparative Or 'Ex-Gay' Episode and couldn't bear to watch anymore of it after 10 minutes. It reminded me so much of a society who believes that my life would be so much better if I was not disabled so they try to "fix me" through therapy, surgery, and the worst one of all, faith healing. This stigma comes from small minds who are clinging to their cookie cutter magazine perfect world and anything beyond the mediocrity just has to be "fixed." After all we don't want to mess with the perfect body fantasy. Never mind that if we have a creator who does not make mistakes created people of all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities and yes, orientation; we are simply telling God how to do "his" job. We are robbing ourselves of the treasures of our diversities and the lessons we can learn from them all because we want to hold on to a idea that is just that, an idea.

What if, my disability could be put into the background of who I am as a person and my ABILITIES, and personality were what people remember me by? What if my physical infirmities were accepted and I could have accessibility freely for work, play and dating without stigma, pity and those with a mission to convince me that I lack faith because I didn't get up and walk? What if I could be appreciated for my unique perspective?

What if, gays were accepted and treated with respect within their orientation, instead of shamed and ridiculed into believing they were some kind of an abomination; and tortured and bullied to the point of seeking out a treatment that could cause a psychotic break, or see no other option than to permanently end their pain by taking their own life?

Most of all, why is it the people who want to fix others the most are the most broken and they don't even see it?

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