Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Latest Photoshoot

I had Brittany come over last week to work on some of her graduation pictures and we took a variety of shots. I thought that I would share a few with you. I own a Nikon D50 that I call "Frank" I also have a Nikon speedlight which I refer to as...can you guess? Flash! Together they become Frank-n-Flash! Yes I know that Halloween is over but I enjoy the nickname. I know it is a bit odd to name my technology items like my computer(Tabitha), cameras (Frank, George, and Ringo) and external hard drive (Lacey), but it keeps life interesting; besides people name their cars...Right?

Anyway, back to Brittany. I shot her in my new house which was such a joy and I had the opportunity to use different backgrounds throughout the shoot. Check this out ;)

She brought her kitty with her for a few shots. Her kitty was amazingly good and I think she actually liked the attention.

After several changes of clothes we decided to do a couple of shots that were a little more mooody. So I created a couple of black and whites.

She wanted something serious, so I gave her serious...

We had an amazing day and we had lots of fun and we have tons of pictures that I will put on the new website that I am developing. I hope you enjoyed these.


John Beagle said...

Nice photos. Good to see you have positive things happening in your life.

I need a better camera.

Andy Wendt said...

So it the photo thing just for friends or do you take paying customers as well?

bill said...

Brittany's so cute. I can't wait to work with her again.

I need to get my ass over to your place and check things out.